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Boys Grey Dusk Thobe

Boys Grey Dusk Thobe

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This khamis can be transformed from the traditional khamis into a dressy look.

 Its comfortable fabric makes this ideal for children. 

Perfect for events like Eid, Mosque and days out where you want your son to match with you. 


Model is wearing:

Height: 128 cm

Size 40 

Age: 7 yrs


Length are mesured from sholder to the longest point. 

Please Measure Your Child before ordering. 


If you have any further questions that are not addressed here, checkout our FAQ page. 

If you still need guidance, please contact customer service:

Instagram: @osomodest

Email: info@osomodestclothing.com

Size Guide:

Boys Thobe Size

Length are measured from shoulder to the longest point. 

Size Age Inch CM
32 3 yrs 32" 80cm
34 4 yrs 34" 85cm
36 5 yrs 36" 90cm
38 6 yrs 38" 95cm
40 7 yrs 40" 100cm
42 8/9 yrs 42" 105cm
44 9/10 yrs 44" 110cm
46 10/11 yrs 46" 115cm
48 11/12 yrs 48" 120cm
50 13/14 yrs 50" 125cm

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